Everyone Can Be A Hero



With his famous statement ” Give me a place to stand and I’ll move the world”, Archimedes was known because of his studies in the science of mechanics. But Archimedes was not just a genius but also a hero. Using his mind, he defended his hometown(Syracuse) against Romans by inventing weapons and making a huge system of mirrors that burned the Roman ships by concentrating the sun rays on them.


The Best Spartan King


source of pic: http://upload.wikimedia.org

The Spartan king who sacrificed himself and three hundred fellow Spartans to the Persian march on Athens and permit the other Greeks to complete their military preparations  against King Xerxes and his enormous Persian army. I think they did not just delayed the arrival of the Persian army but they had killed almost the half of it considering the fact that they were losing on numbers. The Spartan army which consisted of 300 men led by Leonidas was so Amazing!!

One Of The Greatest Philosopher

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Confucius was China’s greatest philosopher and teacher. To enable people to live together in harmony, Confucius stressed two main principles: love for humanity and appropriate behavior toward one’s fellow human beings. I believe many of man’s good values came from him.