Making Your History


For the posts I have made, all of them I think were the best in their time, making discoveries , Philosophies, doing heroic acts, all of it is now the world’s greatest histories. All I just want to tell is that, it doesn’t matter if such histories has already been made,that all of us can still make our own. No wonder some of us already think of not improving ourselves and not overcome our current history for thinking that many people had already did those which makes no difference if one would also do the same thing. Thinking that efforts of reaching a dream that is so so high is useless that you would rather choose a dream that is more possible to reach. Well I think its the worst thinking. For me, limiting yourself from dreaming the highest you can is also limiting yourself from living with your true self. Thinking of aiming for something which is easier could already make you happy is true but achieving something which you fought hard to have is more worth living. The ones who had made histories were not aiming for something small they dreamed of bigger and continued living trying to reach it thus making their greatest achievements and making the world’s greatest histories. That’s all



Welcome to my blog, this is for people who like to be aware about men who made some of the world’s greatest histories. I made this blog just for you guys to also be inspired like me with these stories  which made the world the way it is now.