The Master Shifu

I was watching a Chinese action movie and gotten curious about who really started kungfu. Then, when I searched it in the internet, i stumbled to a website and found something really interesting. Bodhidharma or commonly known as Buddha introduced a set of 18 hands exercises he taught these to his disciples in the Shaolin temple believing that the development of a strong body would prevent the disciples from falling asleep during meditation. Doing this exercises daily developed more techniques.Its so funny thinking that from such a reason happened to have one of the strongest form of martial arts in the world.


Pen Is Mightier Than Sword

Jose Rizal for me was one of the most remarkable heroes that once lived. He is the Philippines’ national hero. He ended the suffering of Filipinos for almost 300 years  from the Spaniards which colonized Philippines. But whats the most amazing thing was, he didn’t use any brute force, instead,  he wrote novels, essays, and newspaper articles urging equality before the law for both Filipinos and Spaniards. Because of this, Jose Rizal was arrested and accused of inciting rebellion and was shot. This increased Filipinos’ anger waging into a full scale revolt against Spain.

One Of The Greatest Philosopher

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Confucius was China’s greatest philosopher and teacher. To enable people to live together in harmony, Confucius stressed two main principles: love for humanity and appropriate behavior toward one’s fellow human beings. I believe many of man’s good values came from him.