Pen Is Mightier Than Sword

Jose Rizal for me was one of the most remarkable heroes that once lived. He is the Philippines’ national hero. He ended the suffering of Filipinos for almost 300 years  from the Spaniards which colonized Philippines. But whats the most amazing thing was, he didn’t use any brute force, instead,  he wrote novels, essays, and newspaper articles urging equality before the law for both Filipinos and Spaniards. Because of this, Jose Rizal was arrested and accused of inciting rebellion and was shot. This increased Filipinos’ anger waging into a full scale revolt against Spain.


Making Your History


For the posts I have made, all of them I think were the best in their time, making discoveries , Philosophies, doing heroic acts, all of it is now the world’s greatest histories. All I just want to tell is that, it doesn’t matter if such histories has already been made,that all of us can still make our own. No wonder some of us already think of not improving ourselves and not overcome our current history for thinking that many people had already did those which makes no difference if one would also do the same thing. Thinking that efforts of reaching a dream that is so so high is useless that you would rather choose a dream that is more possible to reach. Well I think its the worst thinking. For me, limiting yourself from dreaming the highest you can is also limiting yourself from living with your true self. Thinking of aiming for something which is easier could already make you happy is true but achieving something which you fought hard to have is more worth living. The ones who had made histories were not aiming for something small they dreamed of bigger and continued living trying to reach it thus making their greatest achievements and making the world’s greatest histories. That’s all

Everyone Can Be A Hero



With his famous statement ” Give me a place to stand and I’ll move the world”, Archimedes was known because of his studies in the science of mechanics. But Archimedes was not just a genius but also a hero. Using his mind, he defended his hometown(Syracuse) against Romans by inventing weapons and making a huge system of mirrors that burned the Roman ships by concentrating the sun rays on them.

Revealing The Truth About Outer Space

Galileo became famous for his studies on the laws of falling bodies and the laws of motion. Well I guess modifying the telescope which was first made by Hans Lippershey was his best idea. He used it to view the heavens and saw what no one has ever seen before like Milky Way is actually composed of stars, that the moon was not perfectly smooth and that it had mountains and craters.

The Best Spartan King


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The Spartan king who sacrificed himself and three hundred fellow Spartans to the Persian march on Athens and permit the other Greeks to complete their military preparations  against King Xerxes and his enormous Persian army. I think they did not just delayed the arrival of the Persian army but they had killed almost the half of it considering the fact that they were losing on numbers. The Spartan army which consisted of 300 men led by Leonidas was so Amazing!!

One Of The Greatest Philosopher

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Confucius was China’s greatest philosopher and teacher. To enable people to live together in harmony, Confucius stressed two main principles: love for humanity and appropriate behavior toward one’s fellow human beings. I believe many of man’s good values came from him.